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Te Tai Tokerau Papakāinga Toolkit

Māori Housing Toolkit

The Te Tai Tokerau Papakāinga toolkit is designed to help Māori land owners understand and navigate the process for undertaking a papakāinga development on their ancestral lands.

The meaning of papakāinga can vary from a cultural and historical view. Traditionally, the literal meaning of papakāinga is, 'a nurturing place to return to'. However, in the context of this guide, papakāinga is generally considered as 'development of a communal nature on ancestral land owned by Māori.'

Papakāinga developments can be difficult. A lot of people and organisations are involved and it can be hard to get agreement.

This Papakāinga Toolkit gives a simple outline of the steps to get a papakāinga development approved and ready for construction.

Papakāinga toolkit

You can view a summary brochure below.

Papakāinga toolkit summary brochure

Last updated: 02 Apr 2024 4:26pm