Representation Review 2024

Arotake Whakaahuatanga Tangata 2024

Do you feel fairly and effectively represented by your council? Now’s the time to let us know! The Representation Review 2024 is your chance to think about how the Far North District Council can represent your community in a fair and effective way. 

Back in 2021, we conducted a comprehensive representation review. We do this at least once every six years to ensure the council's structure accurately reflects our diverse communities. In 2024, we're circling back to ask: Do you feel fairly and effectively represented?

Specifically, we're interested in your thoughts on the current boundary of the district-wide Māori Ward adopted by the council in 2021. There are four councillors representing this ward. Are you happy with this arrangement? There is an option to have more than one Māori Ward (up to four). How many Māori Wards would provide effective and fair representation for our district? 

The number of councillors appointed to community boards with voting rights is also being considered. Currently, each community board (Bay of Islands-Whangaroa, Kaikohe-Hokianga and Te Hiku) has one councillor appointed with voting rights. Would increasing the number of councillors with voting rights provide fairer and more effective representation on community boards?

Additionally, we're considering a name change for the Whatuwhiwhi subdivision in the Te Hiku Ward, which includes Awanui. We suggest renaming it Karikari Awanui subdivision. Does that name change suit? If not, what is your suggested name change? 

To share your feedback, complete the survey below. 

If the online survey doesn't work for you, you can also download a PDF version of the survey here(PDF, 55KB) or: 

  • Email your feedback to   
  • Drop off written feedback at any council service centre or library  
  • Post your feedback to Far North District Council, Private Bag 752, Kaikohe 0440   
  • Share your feedback verbally: Email


Why is the representation review relevant to me?

It is your opportunity to help shape our district's democratic arrangements. It is a review of the council’s elected members to ensure we are providing fair and effective representation to our communities.

Where and what does the review cover?

The whole Far North District. This includes all electoral areas (wards and community boards), boundaries, and subdivisions.

Why are we doing this?

Our last review was in 2021. Every three years we can review the current representation to check it’s working, and that our communities feel fairly and effectively represented.

Who will this affect?

You! The people you elect are the voice of your community. That voice should represent all people who choose to make the Far North their home and must represent and balance different interests. If you feel well represented with the current system, tell us. If you do not feel well represented by the current ward, community board and subdivision system, tell us what you think will improve it.

When will the changes come into effect?

An initial proposal will be developed based on your feedback. Your thoughts matter, and you'll have another chance to share them during the formal consultation on the proposal in May-June 2024. After this phase, the final proposal will be adopted in August 2024. The updated representation arrangements will be set for the next local body elections in 2025 and stay in effect until the next review.

What are the Far North’s communities of interest?

As part of the review, we must identify the Far North’s communities of interest. Local Government Commission guidelines recognise a community of interest according to three criteria: 

  • Perceptual: a sense of belonging to a place 

  • Functional: includes service requirements such as shops and amenities.

  • Political: ability to represent interests and reconcile conflicts of all members 

These communities may be shaped by physical or topographical features, allowing us to group similar communities together. Communities evolve, so it’s important to recognise these changes.

What are the current arrangements?

Our current arrangements are: 

Mayor: At large

10 Councillors elected from 4 wards: 

  • Ngā Tai o Tokerau x 4 (district wide)
  • Bay of Islands-Whangaroa x 3
  • Kaikohe-Hokianga x 1 
  • Te Hiku x 2

19 Community Board members: Elected based on subdivisions of the three community boards

The number of councillors and community board members in each ward or subdivision is based on the number of people living in each area. Each elected member should represent a similar number of people. View a list of the current councillors and commuity board members via the links below.

Mayor and Councillors
Bay of Islands-Whangaroa Community Board Members
Kaikohe-Hokianga Community Board Members
Te Hiku Community Board Members

How can I provide feedback?

You can complete the online survey linked above. Printed survey forms are also available, which you can drop off at one of our service centres or libraries. We must receive your feedback by Sunday 31 March 2024.