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Walking in the Far North

Before you set out to explore the many walking opportunities available to you in the Far North, It's important to know where land open to public access is so you can enjoy the outdoors while respecting private property.

"Access to New Zealand’s lakes, beaches, rivers and mountains is at the heart of our Kiwi way of life. The beauty and diversity of our landscapes enrich and inspire us, and having access to these places is part of New Zealand’s culture and heritage." Walking Access, Ara Hikoi, Aotearoa

The Walking Access Mapping System is a free online tool that makes it easy to find public access opportunities in the Far North. It lets you zoom in to see areas such as conservation land, strips along water margins, unformed legal road, reserves and many public walking and Pou Herenga Tai, the Twin Coast Cycle Trail.

You can also identify private land where you need to obtain owner permission.

Be responsible as outdoor access to both public land and private land comes with obligations:

  • Take responsibility for your own actions
  • Follow any reasonable advice offered
  • Consider and respect the interests of other people
  • Care for the environment
  • Seek permission to access private or Maori land
  • Learn and respect tikanga Maori
  • Be aware of natural hazards such as weather
  • Keep a safe distance from farm or other machinery
  • Get the correct permits for hunting or fishing

Last updated: 22 Apr 2024 7:17pm