Property rates


The Council charges rates and fees to pay for the activities and services it provides. You can read about these in our Long Term and Annual Plans. Rates are set annually by Council resolution and are charged each financial year (1 July to 30 June). The different types of rates are described below.

Due dates for rates instalments 2020/2021

A 10% penalty will be added to any amount of the current instalment remaining unpaid after the due date.


Due date


20 August 2020


20 November 2020


20 February 2021


20 May 2021










What are you getting for your rates dollar?

 What do you get for your rates dollar

General Rates

General rates are charged on all rateable properties and are used to fund general activities. The components which determine the general rates are:

  • Land value
  • Land usage (general, commercial)
  • Units of Use (fixed amount per separately-used or inhabited part of the property (SUIP))

Targeted Rates

Targeted rates are charged to the properties/owners who are in the area of benefit for a particular service or activity. Types of targeted rates are shown below.


  • Sewerage
  • Water
  • Stormwater


  • Bay of Islands Recreation Centre rate
  • Hupara Road Sealing rate
  • Kaitaia Business District rate
  • Paihia Central Business District rate

Northland Regional Council rates

We collect rates on behalf of the Northland Regional Council and these are detailed on your rates notices. These rates are set by Northland Regional Council.    

Rates 2020-21

During its 30 June 2020 meeting, Far North District Council adopted rates, due dates and penalties for 2020-2021. Click on the PDF link to read the meeting minutes and rates for 2020-21.

Common questions and answers

Property valuations

Property valuations are done every three years. After you receive your new property revaluation you will have a limited time to make an objection to your land or capital value. Visit our property valuations page to find out the latest information.

How can I find out what my rates will be next year?

Council updates the Rating Information Database in May each year with estimated rates for individual properties for the next rating year beginning 1 July. Rates are confirmed and the database is updated again in July.

I think my rates are incorrect. What can I do?

Contact Council with details explaining why you believe your rates are incorrect and we will review your case. If we have undercharged, legislation does not enable us to backdate charges. If we have overcharged rates on a property, Legislation allows us to correct the error in the current year, and up to five years prior.

Why are our rates higher than other districts?

The Far North District has a small rating base relative to its area. It has one of the longest roading networks in the country and many small communities without a large commercial centre to fund the needs of the District.

I cannot afford my rates. What are my options?

Need help?

If these options are not available to you and you need help, contact us on 0800 920 029 and ask to speak with our debt management team, to discuss an arrangement to pay all outstanding property rates.

Can somebody else be authorised to act on my behalf?

Yes. Please complete the Authority to Act(PDF, 119KB) on behalf and return to us either by post or email.

Change of ownership not shown in the rating database

We require a Notice of Sale to be sent to Far North District Council's property department from your lawyer.  

I have subdivided my property. When will I be rated for separate titles?

Once the titles have been issued by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ), and subsequent notification received by Council, the separate valuations will be rated from the next rating year beginning 1 July.