Dog complaints

If anyone is in immediate danger of an aggressive or attacking dog, call emergency services (police) now on 111.

Contact us by telephone 0800 920 029 if a dog has caused harm or is creating a nuisance. We deal with two categories of dog complaint:

  • Dog attack or aggressive behaviour
  • Nuisance behaviour (barking, straying or fouling dog)

Make a dog complaint by email

Step 1.Email your complaint

If there is no immediate danger to a person, you can submit your complaint via email.

Step 2.Your details and location

  • Your name, address and contact phone number
  • Your physical location, including house or RAPID number

Step 3.Describe the situation

Tell us the exact nature of situation, and whether it is aggressive or nuisance behaviour that you are reporting, including:

  • what was attacked or rushed at (person, animal, vehicle)
  • or nature of nuisance - straying, fouling on a property, barking, or getting into rubbish
  • is the dog still there?

Step 4.Describe the dog

It helps us if you can give a detailed description of the dog (breed, colour, gender, and registration details, if known)