Rubbish and recycling

Questions and answers

What can I recycle for free?

It is free to recycle the following at Council refuse transfer stations and community recycling centres.

  • Aluminium/tin cans.

Please rinse cans. No foil food containers.

  • Plastics numbered 1.

Clear and coloured bottles, clean clear meat trays. Please note, these must have the number 1 recycling symbol.

  • Plastics numbered 2.

Milk and cream bottles (including Anchor products), opaque, non-coloured cleaning product containers and coloured plastics, such as cleaning product and cosmetic containers. Please note these must have the number 2 recycling symbol. 

  • Plastics numbered 5.

Examples include some grocery packaging. 

Note: The number identifying the plastic is normally found on the bottom of the bottle or container. All other plastics not listed above should be included in household rubbish. 
  • Cardboard and paper.

Please flatten cardboard, no Tetra Pak food or drink containers, and no plastic-coated or wax-coated cardboard.

  • Glass bottles and jars.

Please separate colours: brown, green and clear. 

Note: Window, frosted, crystal or reinforced glass cannot be accepted.
  • Waste oil. 
  • Whiteware and scrap metal.
Note: Whiteware and scrap metal are accepted at Site class 1 and 2 refuse transfer stations and landfill facilities only.  
  • Wet cell and dry cell batteries.

Where do I take my recycling?

You can find your nearest transfer station here. The Council is working on expanding the network of refuse transfer stations and community recycling centres in the Far North so that the majority of residents will be within a 15-minute drive from a recycling centre.

How much will I pay to dispose of rubbish at a refuse transfer station?

  • Per bag (standard 65L) $3.00
  • Oversized bag (130L) $6.00
  • Wheelie bin (240L) $11.00
  • Loose material (per m3) $46.00
  • Compacted and heavy material (per m3) $74.50
  • Green waste (per m3) $22.00

Why do I pay to dispose of rubbish at a refuse transfer station?

Rubbish disposal is a user-pays service. This means that people who generate the most rubbish also pay the most. For the three months over the summer holiday season, the rubbish volume in the Far North almost doubles. User-pays also means that visitors pay their fair share for rubbish disposal.


Why am I charged to leave prepaid rubbish bags at a transfer station?

Prices for rubbish bags at transfer stations are set by the Council at $3 per bag. This charge goes toward waste disposal at landfill, processing of recycling, staff costs, and maintenance of the transfer station. The money from prepaid bags goes to the waste company, not to the Council.

I live in a rural area - how do I get my rubbish collected?

Kerbside collections don’t cover all rural roads. If the waste company doesn’t pick up from outside your property, you can put your bag at the nearest approved collection point – usually a road intersection or lay-by listed below. These are marked by collection point signs. Click here to view or download a PDF version of the collection point list. 

Kerbside refuse approved collection points
Waste Management blue bag approved collection points
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Rakauwahia Road/SH12 Taheke Waiomio Road/SH1 Mangakaretu Road/Puketotara Road Waklins Road /SH10 Koranae Road/Pungaere Road
Punakitere Road bridge/SH12 Taheke Lake Road/Te Pua Road* Montrose/Waimate North Onekura/Pungaere Road
Duddy Road/SH12 Signals Road/Wiroa Road Te Ahu Ahu/Waimate North Te Tii Road/Purerua Road
Rāwene Road/SH12 Umawera School Edmonds Road/Kerikeri Inlet Road Redcliffs Road/Rangitane Road
McLeoad Road/Sandys Lodore Road/Wiroa Road* Quinces Landing/Wharau Road
Orchard Road/Stanners Road
Northland Waste green bag approved collection points
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
McLeoad Road/Sandys Signals Road /Wiroa Road Wakelin Road/SH10 Keri Downs Road/Purerua Road
Orchard Road/Stanners Road Puketotara Road/ Mangakaretu Road Montrose Road/Waimate North Onekura Road/Pungaere Road
Smith-Grey Road/Manawaora Road Te Ahu Ahu Road/Waimate North Koranae Road/Pungaere Road
Rāwhiti Road/Manawaora Road Quinces Landing/Wharau Road Jennings Road/Waipapa West Road*
Edmonds Road/Kerikeri Inlet Road
Northland Waste yellow bag approved collection points
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Unahi Road/ SHW 1 Ōtangaroa Road / SH10 Takahue Road/ SH1
Brass Road / Kaitāia-Awaroa Road Kohumaru Road / SH10 Ruaroa Road/ SH1
Backriver Road / SH10 Fryer Road/ SH1
Kumi Road / SHW10 Larmer Road/ SH1
Church Road / SH10
Arawhata Road/ SH10
Duncan Road / SH10
Pukewhai Road / SH10
Parapara Road / SH10
Olive View Heights Dr/Taipa Heights Dr


Why are kerbside rubbish bags cheaper than transfer station rubbish bags?

Kerbside rubbish and recycling collections in the Far North are a user-pays service provided by waste companies that decide what fee to charge for collection services they provide. The Council fee must also cover the cost of providing a free recycling service at community recycling centres and refuse transfer stations, staff costs and facility maintenance.


The Council subsidises the recycling of eWaste because it contains heavy metals and other toxic materials we want to keep out of our environment.

Refuse transfer station charges for eWaste are:

  • TV’s / computer CRT screens $10
  • TV’s Flat Screen $10
  • Monitors LCD $5
  • PC’s  Desktop/laptop/server $5 each
  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) $5
  • Laptop batteries $5
  • Network equipment $5.


Greenwaste is accepted at some refuse transfer stations at a cost of $22 per cubic metre. Please refer to our Rubbish and recycling stations page to see which facilities accept green waste.

Note: branch diameter cannot exceed 75mm. We cannot accept flax, toi toi, bamboo, pampas grass, phoenix palm or cabbage tree.


Tyres are accepted for recycling for a fee, depending on the size (see below). Whole tyres cannot be accepted as general rubbish because they are unsuitable for landfill.

Charges at refuse transfer stations are per tyre:

  • Motorcycle tyres $3.50
  • Passenger car tyres $5
  • Light truck and 4x4 tyres $8
  • Truck tyres $16
  • Tractor and super single $23
  • Earth mover tyres are not accepted.

Business and commercial recycling

The Council encourages all businesses to minimise waste going to landfill through recycling and recovery. 


Agricultural plastic recycling

The Council recommends the Agricultural Plastic Recycling scheme run by Plasback.


Last updated 12 April 2022