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The Northland Regional Council provides a number of passenger transport services to help you get around Northland. BusLink has been created to make it easier to find all the information you need. Visit the BusLink website to access timetables.

Bus shelters

The majority of bus shelters in the Far North District have been erected and are maintained by individuals or community groups. The council is not responsible for maintenance of privately erected bus shelters.

Requests for a bus shelters

The council will investigate requests for new bus shelters. The request should be made in writing using the Community Funding application form and should include:

  • Site for erection of bus shelter
  • Plans for the bus shelter
  • The group responsible for the shelter
  • Contact name and address
  • Should the chosen site be adjacent to private land, the written consent of the owner
  • Conditions for new bus shelters

Council engineers will check the proposed location for suitability and safety. If the site is acceptable a copy of the request will be supplied to the appropriate Community Board for a decision.

Some general conditions to guide applicants:

  • The shelter shall not unreasonably prevent access to any land having a frontage to the road
  • The land owner accepts full responsibility to maintain and remove if required
  • The applicant must apply for a License to Occupy if on a road reserve
  • That all necessary statutory consents be obtained by the resident group/association prior to work being carried out. Building consent is only required if the shelter has a floor area exceeding 10 sq metres.
  • All reinstatement work be carried out to the satisfaction of the Roading Area Engineer
  • That the shelter be erected at no cost to the council or Community Board (unless a funding has been approved)
  • Plans of bus shelters to be submitted to appropriate Community Board for approval of design
  • Plans showing proposed position of shelter, relative to road, carriageway, boundary fences, etc., is submitted with the LTO application (i.e. the council may remove it if required for any reason)
  • That placement of the shelter will be decided by the council

Requests for bus shelters on a State Highway should be referred to NZTA.

Last updated: 02 Apr 2024 4:33pm