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Walking and Cycling


We have 217km of footpaths and 87km of cycleways in the district and we are building more every year as part of our continued commitment towards encouraging people to walk, wheel and bike.

Our district is proud to host the Pou Herenga Tai Twin Coast Cycle Trail Great Ride. Check out a map of the route here from our collection of Far North Maps.

In addition to our public maps of walking and cycling facilities, we also have comprehensive interactive Urban and Rural Storymaps of our existing walking and cycling networks. We’re continually updating these maps with new routes and information and have included aspirational new routes that may be built in the future.


The Integrated Transport-Strategy identifies our objective to increase facilities for walking and cycling. It proposes implementation of a number of walking and cycling related projects and activities under the Action Plan Area of ‘Active Modes’.

The Far North Trails Plan is one of those projects that identifies a network of recreational walking and cycling routes across our district. Click on the link to find out more about this exciting project.

The Urban Walking and Cycling Plan is another of these projects with a focus on development of walking and cycling infrastructure in our townships. Click on the link to download the plan and find out more.

These plans align with the Northland Walking and Cycling Strategy and the Northland Integrated Cycling Implementation Plan. Together, these present a regional interconnected active mode network development plan in a compelling business case for investment.


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Last updated: 02 Apr 2024 4:33pm