Kohukohu Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Kohukohu wastewater treatment plant is located on the east side of Kohukohu Road, one kilometre south of the Kohukohu township. The treatment plant currently services 76 properties and process approximately 40 cubic metres of wastewater each day.


Treating the wastewater 

Kohukohu has a unique treatment system for the Far North district because wastewater undergoes primary treatment in septic tanks on individual properties, and the plant only treats the liquid component of the wastewater. The septic tanks are maintained by the Council and emptied every three to five years. Solids from septic tanks are taken to Rawene's wastewater treatment plant. 

Wastewater undergoes secondary treatment at the treatment plant in a biological process that encourages the decline of nitrogen and bacterial content in the wastewater. The wastewater receives further treatment as it flows through the constructed wetland where plants take up phosphorus and what remains of the nitrogen content.  Treated wastewater is then discharged to a catchment drain, where it flows in to the Hokianga Harbour. 


Discharges from the wastewater treatment plant are authorised by a resource consent.  The resource consent sets out certain conditions, such as the requirement to regularly monitor the treated wastewater.  You can find the resource consent here.  

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