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Vehicle Crossing Approval

To construct a vehicle crossing, you must obtain approval from the council. Before you apply, ensure you have read the vehicle crossing bylaw. We also recommend you consult with a civil engineer before applying.

Allow up to 10 working days for the council to process your application and refer your application to our civil engineer. They then have up to 30 working days to assess your vehicle crossing application, carry out a site visit and issue you a 3 year approval permit to construct a vehicle crossing. A final inspection is required to be booked by the applicant once the vehicle crossing is constructed.

All work done with the road corridor also requires a corridor access request to be completed. Please refer to the Corridor Access Request information in the related page for more information.

Gather your documents

In order to apply for a vehicle crossing approval you will need the following documents:

  • Current certificate of title (less than 6 months old). You can order this directly from Land Information New Zealand.
  • Site plan clearly showing the location of the proposed vehicle crossing in relation to property, legal boundaries, and easements (if any) and any adjacent vehicle crossings or road intersection. Clearly identify any existing crossing (if any) on the site plan and advise whether it is to be removed or retained. Show stormwater drainage path along the road and to or from the property at the proposed vehicle crossing.
  • Resource consent where the conditions state approval must be sought for a vehicle crossing (if applicable).
  • Landowner(s) consent where the crossing is over adjacent land (if applicable).
  • Details to support the application of crossing type "other type not specified in Council's engineering standards.

Fill in the application form

You can fill in the application form online or download and fill out the "paper" version.

If you want to apply for a vehicle crossing approval online, you need to be a registered user for Council's online services.

On completion of the registration process you can apply now for your vehicle crossing approval.

Download and fill out the Vehicle crossing application form here.

Step 1.Return by post

Applications can be posted to:

Far North District Council

District Licensing Committee

Attention: Secretary

Private Bag 752

Kaikohe 0440

Step 2.Return by email

Send us an email:


Step 3.Return in person

Applications can be dropped off at any Council Office or Service Centre.

Pay by cash, eftpos or credit card.

Frequently asked Questions

No, some roads are not managed by the council.

Do not use this form to apply for a Vehicle Crossing approval for the following road types:

  • Roads designated as State Highways. Approval must be sought from Waka Kotahi (NZ Transport Agency).
  • Where the vehicle crossing does not cross into the road corridor, i.e. from a right of way.
  • Where vehicle crossing is within Alderton Park in Kerikeri. Applications must be made to the administrators.
  • Forestry roads.

  • Read the Vehicle Crossing Bylaw,
  • Consult a civil engineer to design our vehicle crossing,
  • Submit an application form using one of the methods above.

Vehicle crossings must be designed by a qualified engineer to the Council's Engineering Standards. The standards can be found on the council's website. You will find links to the relevant sections in the related pages section.

Consult a civil engineer for advice.

Consult a civil engineer for advice.

A Google search using the term "civil engineers far north" will come back with a number of suitably qualified civil engineering companies that will be able to advise you on your vehicle crossing.

Last updated: 28 May 2024 1:30pm