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Tank suppliers and plumbers

Nga kaiwhakarato ā kura ā paipa

Seeking professional advice is highly recommended if you’re not sure which type or size of rainwater tank is right for you, or where you should put it.

Registered professional plumbers

You can buy rainwater tanks through most plumbers. There are a number of professional plumbing services available in the Far North, including independent operators. We suggest a ‘word of mouth’ recommendation from friends and whānau is a good first step.

If you decide to look online, using the website of a professional organisation should be helpful. These links below are not intended as recommendations but as a starting point for your own search.



Rainwater tank suppliers

Below is a list of local rainwater tank suppliers. This is not intended as an exhaustive list so please do your own research and contact suppliers directly to work out who has the best advice for you.



If you are a local rainwater tank supplier and want to be included on this list then please contact us on 0800 920 029.

We accept no responsibility for the products or services provided by these companies nor do we endorse the companies listed on these pages.

Last updated: 02 Apr 2024 4:35pm