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Producer statements

Council will consider accepting Producer Statements as a method of being satisfied on reasonable grounds that work nominated in the statement will or has been carried out in accordance with performance standards that satisfy the building code.

Statements will only be accepted from recognised authors with the appropriate level of competence and insurance cover. The statements must clearly identify the location and scope of work proposed and confirm compliance with appropriate building code clauses.

Documentation checking by inspectors

Building officers will check documentation to ensure:

  • the scope of work covered by the producer statement is clearly defined
  • site specific (legal description and address is identified)
  • the statement is appropriate and complete
  • the statement is within the author’s scope of approval or expertise
  • relevant building code clauses are nominated
  • consent documents are correctly referenced
  • authors qualifications are identified
  • the statement is signed and dated
  • insurance cover is nominated

(Note: Insurance cover not required on generic statements e.g. truss manufacturer)

Producer Statement types [1]

Issued by design professionals stating that the designs comply with performance criteria of the building code. These are usually submitted with the Building Consent application.

Issued by design professionals who have peer reviewed the design of another professional. These are usually submitted with the Building Consent application and state the reviewer’s opinion of the design.

Issued by contractors stating specific areas of building work complies with the issued Building Consent. This is usually provided prior to the issue of a Code Compliance Certificate.

Issued by consulting engineers engaged to perform construction monitoring (levels 1- 5) stating that the engineer’s design assumptions and intent have been properly satisfied. These are usually requested by the designer and need to be provided prior to the issue of a Code Compliance Certificate.

Producer Statement forms for PS 1, 2 and 4 are usually available from professional organisation's web sites, for example IPENZ. A PS 3 form is available from us, but must be completed in full when used.

[1] Refer to the NZ Building Code Handbook Page 9 – Clause 3.7 Producer Statement

Last updated: 29 May 2024 12:34pm