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Specified life of a building

Extension to the specified intended life of a building

All buildings are expected to have and indefinite life, exceeding 50 years. Sometimes, they could be assessed as having a life of less than 50 years. For example, due to the building only having a temporary location or use. These factors and the building's intended life need to be stated on the building consent application if applicable.

If a building with a specified intended life is planned, it will be a condition of the building consent that is issued, that the building will be altered, demolished or removed before the end of this stated life. The building owner may request an "extension of life", and if the Council is reasonably satisfied that the building can satisfactorily perform to the building code, a further specified time/life may be agreed.

An owner of a building must give written notice to the Council if it proposes extending the life of the building. The Council currently has no application form for this, therefore, the notification must be made in writing to Council stating the reason why there needs to be an extension and how long the extension need to be considered. There will be an inspection of the structure required and fees will be based on time to assess the structure etc.

Last updated: 02 Apr 2024 4:22pm