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Applying for a resource consent

Welcome to the Far North District Council's online portal for applying for resource consents, earthworks permits, and Deemed permitted activities. As the gateway to managing land use and subdivision within our district, we are dedicated to ensuring a streamlined and efficient process for our community members. Before initiating your application, it's essential to have all necessary documentation prepared for uploading onto our platform. We look forward to assisting you in navigating through the application process seamlessly

How to apply for an online consent.

Watch a short video to see how to apply for an online consent.

Online application links

You can now apply online for a resource consent. If you are a registered customer or company you will be able to track your consent progress, and upload any additional documents or information we may request.

Online application for the consent types below are now available, expand each section to view the application link.

For breaches to district plan rules excluding subdivision.

Consent to subdivide land, including boundary adjustments.

Subdivision of land and land use consent as one activity.

Consent to discharge treated wastewater to land.

Change to or cancellation of conditions of a Resource Consent.

Permit to undertake earthworks when a resource consent is not requiered.

For confirmation an activity can be carried out without Resource Consent.

For activities which breach boundary rules where affected parties written approvals are provided.

Objection to a decision in accordance with s357 of the Resource Management Act.

Application to extend the lapse period of an existing approval.

Approval of survey plans for an approved subdivision.

224(c) certificate. Can include application for a 221 consent notice.

Stand-alone application for a consent notice under s221.

Paying online

Please note an installment fee is payable at the time of lodgement, payment can be made at a Council Service Centre or into Council's bank account as detailed below:

Account name: Far North District Council

Bank: ASB Bank, Corporate Branch, Auckland
Account Number: 12-3244-0022509-00
Payment Reference: RC-####

Processing of the application will not begin until payment is received. Please note, actual processing costs will be calculated and invoiced after the decision is issued. Interim invoicing may apply.

Last updated: 03 May 2024 10:35am