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Proposed District Plan

The council is reviewing the current District Plan. This is the set of rules that control where you can undertake certain activities, and how land can be used, developed and subdivided. The District Plan affects all landowners and residents in the Far North.

A new District Plan has been proposed (Proposed District Plan). Landowners, the wider community, tangata whenua and stakeholders were asked to tell us what they thought of the plan. The original submissions period captured this feedback. A further submissions period followed.

You can view the ePlan of the Proposed District Plan here.

Panel Minutes 

The Hearing Panel has been appointed to hear submissions and make recommendations on the PDP, with hearings scheduled to start 27 May 2024. So far, the Panel has issued these minutes:

The following information which is referred to in the Panel minutes is also available: 

Summary of Decisions Requested 

You can access the Summary of Decision Requested database - Summary of Decisions Requested tool. This allows people to see how original submissions have been summarised, and what further submissions have been made on each submission point, and which reporting topic each submission point has been allocated to. Please refer to the user guide (in the top left corner) for information on how to use the database tool.

  • Hearing 1

    Find the relevant documents for hearing 1 – Strategic Direction, Tangata Whenua and Part 1 / General / Miscellaneous Topics here.
  • The hearing process

    Find out what happens during the hearing process.
  • Original submissions

    Find out about the original submission period and links to these documents.
  • Further submissions

    Find out about the submission period that came next. You can also access to the online submission tool Spoken here.
  • Summary of Decision Requested Addendum

    Make a further submission on the Summary of Decisions Requested Addendum here.
  • Related documents

    Go here for Section 32 background reports, technical documents incorporated into the PDP, designation documents, and clause 16 minor amendments.
  • How to use the ePlan

    A video and downloadable guide to using the ePlan, as well as trouble shooting suggestions.
  • Critical Electricity Infrastructure

    Provisions were drafted in the PDP to protect the district’s 100kv and 33kv powerlines from inappropriate development. Find the maps here.
  • What happens next?

    Find out what reports, pre-hearings, hearings and decisions follow the submissions process.
  • Proposed District Plan timeline

    A snapshot of the PDP process - where we've been and where we're going.

Last updated: 15 Apr 2024 6:06pm