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Responsible camping

The Far North District Council welcomes responsible travellers to our district and we want you to enjoy your stay in the Far North. We have approved sites where campers can stay without charge.


Remember that Far North residents and other travellers also use these spaces, so please consider them if staying overnight.

When stopping overnight in the Far North, please:

  • Do not light fires anywhere during summer months (gas cookers are ok)
  • Keep noise to a minimum
  • Take your rubbish away with you. Find out about public rubbish and recycling facilities.
  • Use public toilet facilities.

Unauthorised camping and overnight parking

The Council wants all visitors to enjoy the many great beaches and natural spaces we have in the Far North. We also need to protect these places. For that reason, camping or parking overnight at Council-controlled parks, reserves and beaches is not permitted.

We encourage all visitors touring the district in cars or campervans to stay at the many formal camp grounds operating in the Far North. These are inexpensive and provide toilets, showers and wastewater disposal facilities.

We know that many visitors also like to camp for free and we ask these travellers to camp or park overnight at seven approved sites across the district. These sites are close to public toilets, water supplies and some provide waste dump stations nearby for self-contained campervans.

Last updated: 02 Jul 2024 2:16pm