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Your obligations

An event is an organised special occasion of limited duration that brings people together for the primary purpose of participating in an uplifting community, cultural, commemorative, recreational, sport, art, educational or entertainment experience.

If you are organising an event on a public space in the Far North, you will need to obtain an event permit and other licences or consents from the Far North District Council.

At times and for varying reasons, council parks and reserves may be closed for public safety necessitating that events will not be permitted to be held even if approval has previously been granted.


The Event Organiser and their participants will abide by all rules and directives published and updated by the government at https://covid19.govt.nz/. Far North District Council may immediately terminate this Agreement if the Hirer breaches any of the government rules or directives relating to Covid-19.

General conditions of use

Use of a reserve

Events must be held in a manner that allows maximum use of the reserve for the general public not taking part in the event. i.e. no exclusive use of a reserve.


Pre and post event site inspections may be undertaken by Council or their representative.

Public parking

Public parking areas must remain available to the public and cannot be reserved exclusively for your guests.


Far North District Council’s public outdoor spaces are smoke-free across the district.

Times of Use

Events must take place during the date/s and time/s agreed to by Council. Any events held on Council property must not run past midnight.

Fees and Charges

The Event Organiser must pay any fees as required by the Far North District Council prior to the event. The organiser is responsible for any fees or service and supply charges associated with the event/activity.


The Event Organiser may be required to provide Council with a refundable bond prior to the event. The bond will be returned once the reserve is returned to the same condition it was in before the event; and once outstanding fees, charges or costs have been paid. Find the bond form here.


If the event is cancelled by the Event Organiser, Council must be notified on the first available working day.

The Far North District Council is entitled to cancel an event permit under certain circumstances. This may be due to unsuitable ground conditions or other events outside of the control of Council such as natural disasters.  In these circumstances Council will work with the Event Organisers to minimise the impact of the cancellation.

Event Changes

The Event Organiser must inform Council of any changes to the event after the permit is issued.  All changes must be approved by Council prior to the event being held.

Condition of site

The reserve/public place must be left in a clean and tidy condition with all litter and rubbish being removed from the reserve/public place by the Event Organiser.  The removal and disposal of rubbish will be at Event Organisers expense/cost.

Event Equipment

Council will not be liable for any damage to, or theft of, the Event Organiser’s property or equipment. All equipment and structures used by the Event Organisers must be in good, safe working order.

The Event Organiser shall provide, set up and remove all temporary structures, road markings, signs, rubbish bins, toilets, equipment, props or other structures or devices associated with the event.  Removal of such equipment shall take place immediately after the event.

If these items are not removed after reasonable notice, the Council or its representative shall have the power to remove and dispose of the same at the cost of the Event Organiser.

Protection of the Public Space

Any damage to the reserve/public place or to public structures or equipment within the reserve/public space must be repaired or replaced by the Event Organiser or as agreed by Council at the cost of the Event Organiser.

The Event Organiser is liable for any damage to council assets (lawns, soil, trees, road surface, street furniture etc.) caused by the operations or activities of the permitted event.

In the event of damage, loss or injury to any person or property resulting from the Event Organiser’s work or event, it is the Event Organiser’s responsibility to meet the full cost of repair or compensation.

Legislation Plans and Licenses

Compliance with rules and legislation

All statutory requirements, regulations and Council’s bylaws must always be adhered to by the Event Organiser and event participants.

An approved event provides the Event Organiser with limited permission to occupy public land for the purposes stated and shall not be deemed to amount to any other consent, approval, or licence that may be required for the running of the event/activity.


The Event Organiser shall obtain all appropriate licences or consents and adhere to their terms and conditions (e.g. liquor, food, building consents, special effects, temporary structures and marquees).

Noise Control

All Event Organisers must comply with permitted District Plan Rules noise standards.

Any monitoring of noise levels by Far North District Council or its representative during an event will be at the Event Organiser’s expense.

Health and Safety

The Event Organiser must ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, that the Site and the Event, including anything arising from the Site or the Event, are without risks to the health and safety of any persons.

The Event Organiser must provide Council with a health and safety management plan specific to the event at least 20 Business Days prior to the Event set up Date.

The Event Organiser must meet all health and safety requirements and ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, that the health and safety of any:

  • workers involved in carrying out the Event;
  • workers whose activities in carrying out work are influenced or directed by the Event Organiser;
  • event participants; and other person is not put at risk from carrying out the Event.

The Event Organiser must:

  • keep a record of all deaths, injuries, illnesses and notifiable incidents which are required by law to be notified (Notifiable Event) to WorkSafe New Zealand for at least 5 years from the date on which notice of the relevant event is given to the public authority;
  • as soon as possible after becoming aware that a Notifiable Event arising out of the Event has occurred, ensure that WorkSafe New Zealand is notified of the Notifiable Event;
  • and as far as the site at which any Notifiable Event has occurred is under the Event Organiser’s management or control, take all reasonable steps to ensure that the site where the Notifiable Event occurred is not disturbed until authorised by WorkSafe New Zealand.

Following any Notifiable Event, the Event Organiser must:

  • Inform Council of the notifiable event and the details surrounding the notifiable event as soon as practically possible;
  • provide Council with a copy of any information or notice which the Event Organiser is required to provide or make to WorkSafe New Zealand relating to that Notifiable Event provide Council with a report giving complete details, including results of investigations, into the cause of the Notifiable Event and any recommendations or strategies for prevention of any similar Notifiable Event in the future;
  • and provide Council with such assistance as may be reasonably necessary to conduct a Notifiable Event, incident or accident investigation, including covering all of Council’s costs of carrying out any investigation.

The Event Organiser must, so far as is reasonably practicable, engage with workers involved in carrying out the Event in relation to health and safety matters concerning the Site or the Event. The Event Organiser shall have procedures in place that provide reasonable opportunities for such workers to participate effectively in improving health and safety in respect of the Site and the Event on an ongoing basis.

The Event Organiser must, so far as is reasonably practicable, co-ordinate, consult and co-operate with all other duty-holders in relation to the Event, including Council.


The Event Organisers must ensure that any approved Traffic Management Plan is complied with, including any parking arrangements.

The Event Organiser is liable for all costs related to the design and implementation of the events Traffic Management Plan and the associated Road Closure Notices.

Waste Management

The Event Organiser must adhere to the waste management plan as supplied to and approved by Council.

The Event Organiser is liable for all costs related to the design and implementation of the events Waste Management Plan.

Public Indemnity Insurance

The Event Organiser will need to have public indemnity insurance in place depending on the type, size and location of the event. The amount of public indemnity insurance cover that will be required will be determined by Council at its absolute discretion based on said factors. The insurance policy must be current at the date and time of the event.

Special Conditions

Special conditions may apply dependent on type, size and location of event.

Failure to comply

A breach of any of these terms and conditions or Special Conditions, may result in:

  • forfeiture of all or part of the bond (if any)
  • closure of the Event
  • cancellation of the event permit
  • refusal to accept future bookings from the Event Organiser; and/or
  • the Event Organiser being liable for any extra costs Council may incur relating to the event.

Last updated: 17 May 2024 3:03pm