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Northland slip repair map

Northland’s local road network suffered $89 million worth of damage following 10 significant weather events to hit the region after July 2022. The repair bill for the Far North road network was estimated at $41 million.

This map provides at-a-glance repair details for slips impacting roads maintained by Northland’s three district councils and caused by those weather events.

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Blue Pin
Red Pin
Red Pin

How to use the map

Zoom in or out to find roads or slips you are interested in.

Click on a pin to display information about a specific slip.

Red pins are for complex, longer term repairs costing over $100,000. Blue pins are for less severe repairs costing under $100,000. Green pins are for repairs completed since November 2023. Learn more about land slipsLearn more about construction phases.

Estimated construction timing:

The timeframes given are our best estimates based on current evaluations and may change as we complete investigations and finalise designs. The map will be updated if any significant changes occur. 

  • Q1 (Summer): January – March 2024
  • Q2 (Autumn): April – June 2024
  • Q3  (Winter): July – September 2024
  • Q4 (Spring): October – December 2024.

Last updated: 23 May 2024 6:32pm