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About the water supply

Kaikohe's raw water is drawn from two sources and treated at two water treatment plants; a groundwater supply at Tokareireia (Monument Hill) and the Wairoro Stream near the Taraire Hills water treatment plant. Wairoro Stream supplies about 70 per cent of the town’s water, while the secondary water source at Monument Hill supplies the remaining 30 per cent.

Supply improvements

To ensure the town is more resilient to future droughts a second much deeper bore is being drilled at Tokareireia (Monument Hill) which is hoped will access greater supplies.  This 120-metre deep bore will provide a more reliable secondary water supply to Kaikohe’s main source, the Wairoro Stream.

Supply projects

  • Kaikohe drought resilience project

    A second bore at Tokareireia (Monument Hill) will ensure Kaikohe's resilience to future droughts. This deeper bore will be a more reliable secondary w

Last updated: 30 Apr 2024 9:53am