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Building forms and guides

A Building Consent is usually required before any physical work can start on your project. Councils grant a building consent application when they are confident your proposed work will meet the requirements of the Building Code.

This combined form should be used for the following application types: Project Information Memorandum (PIM), Building Consent (with or without PIM), Solid Fuel Burner, Staged Building Consent, Amendment to Building Consent, or Building Consent using a National Multiple-Use Approval (‘Multiproof’).

A Certificate for Public Use allows premises affected by building work to be used by the public.

You can download a Certificate of Acceptance application form here. Your application should be accompanied by all/any drawings, photographs, producer statements from builders/installers/engineers who had any part of the building work.

If the building is a commercial or public building, you must include a list of all the building’s specified systems along with fire reports and any system commissioning statements to show that the systems have been installed correctly and maintained by professionals – IQP’s. If the building does have specified systems you are reminded to check out your owner obligations under the building Act 2004, Building Warrant of Fitness.

The information provided in your application will form the basis of the building’s Compliance Schedule and should demonstrate how building code compliance provisions have been satisfied (including those parts that have been enclosed and cannot be inspected).  For a swift outcome, we recommend that you engage a building professional with appropriate insurance who specialises in these areas to assist in compiling your application. This may include a Licensed Building Practitioner, Engineer, Designer or Architect, registered electrician, certified plumber, drain layer, gas fitter and IQP for specified safety systems. They will advise what records are required and assist council with processing.

You need to apply for a CCC using Form 6; the form must be completed in full with all contractors details listed.  When you have completed the application form and gathered all supporting documentation please book a final inspection.

Supporting documentation includes energy works certificates from your electrician or gas fitter; as-built drainage plans, records of work from licensed building practitioners and producers statements where required.

An extension of time may be issued at the council’s discretion, either to issue a Code Compliance Certificate or to extend the time to start works.

Please submit your completed Extension of time application to bsg@fndc.govt.nz.

Once your application has been lodged, we will send you an invoice for payment.

A Memorandum from Licensed Building Practitioner: Certificate of Design Work form is used to outline what Restricted Building Work design work was carried out or supervised on a project, and who carried it out or supervised it.

A Memorandum from Licensed Building Practitioner: Record of Work form is used to outline what Restricted Building Work was carried out or supervised on a building site, and who carried it out or supervised it.

This application is to advise Far North District Council that the following minor variation is proposed to be undertaken on a building. It is the owner’s (or their authorized agent’s) responsibility to notify Council of any changes to the approved plans, this variation must be provided to and be approved by the building Inspector on site. All changes must be approved before work proceeds.

Approved Minor Variation form is to be scanned and emailed to Building support Group building.group@fndc.govt.nz accompanying all Final Inspection required documents.

Please  refer  to  MBIE's  website  for  guidance  information  about  what  constitutes  a  minor  variation: https://www.building.govt.nz/projects-and-consents/build-to-the-consent/making-changes-to-your-plans/

Minor Variations Application

A Notice of Owner-Builder should be used during the construction process when the Owner-Builder starts or stops using the Owner-Builder Exemption.

This applies to building work which is low risk. Council has determined that low risk is any building work below Residential 2 Building Classification.

A Statutory Declaration as to Owner-Builder form is used to show that the owner-builder criteria are met, for owner-builders who want to use the Owner-Builder Exemption (which allows them to carry out Restricted Building Work on their own home).

Last updated: 10 Jul 2024 11:01am