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Regional Power Outage

UPDATE - Friday 21 June 10am:

Nearly all consumers in the Far North should now have their power restored, with the remaining households expected to have their power back on this morning.

However, consumers should try to conserve power where possible over the weekend while Transpower continues work to get power back to full capacity.

Far North District Council's water and wastewater systems rely on power to operate so customers are asked to conserve water and only flush your toilets when you have to.

This is expected to be the final update.

UPDATE - 6.45pm: Power to much of the Far North has now been restored and Top Energy says all consumers should have power back by 10pm tonight. However, it is asking consumers to prepare for the possibility of further outages.

The power available is much less than we normally have, so wherever you are across Northland, here’s how you can help:

  • If you have power, please conserve it if you can.
  • Please continue to conserve water and keep your wastewater to a minimum (eg don't flush unless you need to).

The Far North District Council EOC has been stood down. A smaller Incident Management Team will meet tomorrow morning (Friday 21 June) to reassess progress.

Northland is experiencing a power outage after a Transpower tower fell near Kumeu around 11am this morning (20 June 2024).

With no confirmation available yet from Transpower on how long the region-wide power outage will continue, the council has decided to stand up its Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) from 3.30pm today.

Standing up the EOC is precautionary measure being undertaken in coordination with Northland CDEM Group. It means that staff with civil defence training will be on hand to respond to any welfare or crisis issues that residents may experience during the power cut.

Information from Civil Defence Northland:

Transpower NZ are now working to partially restore power to the region through their 110kV line, and some people have already been reconnected. Until the affected 220kV line is back up and running, they are unable to provide enough electricity to power the whole region.

Northpower and Top Energy NZ are both working hard to restore what power they can, so please treat all electrical equipment and power lines as live – some areas have had power intermittently restored and the power may come back on without warning. Please continue to check their outage maps for areas that have been restored.

Northpower: https://northpower.nz/outages/

Top Energy: https://outages.topenergy.co.nz/

Because we don’t know how long the power will be out in some areas, here’s some things we can all do right now:

  • Please conserve water. Due to the power outage, our water-supply network is operating at a reduced capacity. It is a good idea to fill a bottle and a bucket in case the outage lasts a long time.
  • Please also reduce wastewater where possible (eg don't flush unless you have to). The wastewater system also depends on electric pumps and their backup power-supplies.
  • Unplug small appliances. Small appliances may be affected by electrical power surges. Unplugging them reduces potential damage.
  • Do not use candles for lighting as these can cause fires, use battery-powered lanterns or torches instead, to prevent fire risk.
  • Do not use outdoor/patio heaters or barbecues indoors as these can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Use battery operated radios to listen for updates. Some key frequencies for Northland are:

RNZ: 104.4 FM or 837AM Whangārei |101.1 FM Kaitaia | 981 AM & 101.5 FM Kaikohe | 101.2 FM Lower Northland

More FM: 91.6 FM Whangārei & Kaitaia | 107.3 FM Kerikeri | 95.2 Paihia/Russell | 94.4 Tutukaka

The Hits: 95.6 FM Whangārei, Far and Mid-North | 106.1 FM Russell | 105.9 Doubtless Bay

  • If you don’t have a battery-operated radio, listening in your car is also an option. Conserve phone battery: limit mobile calls and data use (which drains your battery).
  • Check in on your neighbours and make sure they’re okay.
  • If using a generator, ensure you have enough fuel to keep it running.
  • Avoid opening your fridge and freezer as much as you can to reduce the risk of food spoiling or defrosting

If you require electricity for medical reasons, ring your health provider to confirm your emergency plan. If you are in an emergency situation due to water-supply, please contact your local council.

We’ll continue to provide updates as we receive any further information.