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Class 4 Gaming and TAB Policy

Class 4 Gaming and TAB Policy

This consultation is now closed.  Submissions were open for four weeks from Wednesday 15 February to Wednesday 15 March  2023.

Council has reviewed our Class 4 Gaming and TAB Venue Policy.We are seeking community feedback on the proposed amendments.

When adopting or amending this policy, council must consider the social impact of gambling in the district. The purpose of this policy is to address ongoing consequences that additional opportunities for gambling in the district could present our communities. It aims to control the growth of gambling and minimise harm caused by gambling in our communities consistent with the objectives of the Gambling Act 2003.

The existing Class 4 Gaming and TAB Venue Policy (2014) already has a 'sinking lid' policy on class 4 gaming venues, which means that no new pokie machines are allowed in the district, and machines cannot be redistributed. The proposed changes will ensure that the whole policy is consistent with this sinking lid approach.