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Kohukohu Hall

Kohukohu Hall

This consultation is now closed.  Submissions were open for four weeks from Friday 24 November to Friday 22 December 2023.

Historic Kohukohu Hall requires significant restoration work including re-piling and roof strengthening to ensure it is safe for the community. The main hall's entire floor will need to be removed for this work. Once the work is complete, the floor will be restored. The work will be completed over the summer when the ground will be dry for re-piling.

The hall will be closed throughout the restoration period. This will also allow for other work to be undertaken. That will include a full kitchen replacement, the addition of compliant fire alarms and smoke detectors, an accessible toilet, a UV water treatment system, new stage stairs, ceiling installation, joinery repairs, and fresh interior and exterior paint.

We know that the community has a strong interest in this restoration project, and we value the local knowledge that you can share. We are seeking feedback on elements of the required work. We also want to understand how the community will use Kohukohu Hall both now and in the future.

We plan to form a working group for this project, consisting of representatives from the Kohukohu Hall committee and members of the community.