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Tangonge Domain Lease

Tangone Domain

This consultation is now closed.  Submissions were open for four weeks from Monday 30 October to Monday 27 November 2023.

We are seeking feedback on a proposal to grant a new 30-year ground lease to Aupōuri Ngāti Kahu Te Rarawa (ANT) Trust over the Tangonge Domain Recreation Reserve.

Kaitāia community group ANT Trust has held a lease over Tangonge Domain since 2018. Its vision is to create a safe and vibrant space for whānau to gather, play and socialise.

Since the beginning of its lease, ANT Trust has made significant improvements to the domain, including drainage work, grading, field grassing, and rubbish removal. The trust has also developed a community-influenced concept plan, which includes a children's playground, basketball court, exercise stations, a food forest, pou whenua, and building enhancements. By securing a new 30-year ground lease (two 15-year terms), the trust hopes to attract support and the funding required to bring this vision to life.

Under the Reserves Act, the council must notify the public of any proposal to lease a Recreation Reserve and seek feedback before making a decision.