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Critical Electricity Infrastructure

Provisions were drafted in the Proposed District Plan (PDP) to protect the district’s 100kv and 33kv powerlines from inappropriate development, these are located in the Infrastructure and Subdivision chapters. Unfortunately, due to a GIS mapping omission, the maps identifying the location of the Critical Electricity Lines Overlay were not correctly included in the PDP when it was notified in July 2022.

Top Energy made a primary submission requesting changes to the Critical Electricity Lines Overlay mapping.

Through the further submissions process Council advised potentially effected property owners of Top Energy's submission and explained how it would effect their property and their right to make a further submission either opposing or supporting Top Energy's submission. The general public was also made aware of this omission. If you made a  further submission please refer to the Hearings Information section for next steps.

Refer to the map below to see the Critical Electricity Infrastructure lines and land effected by this mapping omission. The submission period has closed .

Last updated: 02 May 2024 4:37pm