Water rates


If you are on a metered supply you will be billed twice yearly (every six months).

Your water rate account is based on consumption measured through your water meter. This charge is calculated by multiplying the total cubic meters used during your billing period by the treated water tariff. For the 2019/2020 rating period this tariff is set at $2.94 m3 for potable water, and $1.91 m3 for non-potable water. This charge covers the operational costs of supplying water, repairs and maintenance.

There are 1,000 litres in a cubic metre (m3). The average six-monthly water consumption per household is between 150-250 cubic metres.

Billing dates


1st Billing

Instalment due

2nd Billing

Instalment due

Kawakawa, Moerewa, Okaihau, Opononi, Rawene


20 Aug


20 February



20 Sept


20 March



20 Oct


20 April



20 Nov


20 May

Kaikohe, Ngawha


20 Dec


20 June












Common issues or questions

To calculate water consumption for tenants

  1. Take a reading when the tenant moves in and record this.
  2. Take another reading when the tenant moves out. Make sure you record all the numbers on the meter.
  3. Contact Rates to advise us of the reading. We can calculate what is owed at no charge. The cost of an interim invoice is $15.00.

To obtain a special water reading (final reading)

Contact us by email or phone 0800 920 029 to request a special water reading. You will need to provide the date on which you require the reading. We require at least two days' notice to action these requests. An invoice will be posted or emailed to the requestor. 

Responsibility for payment of water rates accounts

The property owner is responsible for paying the rates and water rates, as per the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002. In the case of a rental property it is the landlord’s (owner’s) responsibility.

Check for a water leak

  1. Turn off ALL taps except the meter tap.
  2. Do not use any water at the property for a minimum of 30 minutes. This means do not fill the kettle, flush toilet, use washing machine etc.
  3. Write down ALL the numbers of the meter reading at the start of the test.
  4. After the 30 minutes (or longer) write the numbers again. If ANY numbers have changed this means there is a leak at the property and the customer should be encouraged to get a registered plumber to make any necessary repairs. 

Handling a water leak

The ratepayer or owner is responsible for the water usage on the customer side of the water meter (see diagram below).

  1. Check if the leak is on customer or Council-side of the meter
  2. If the leak is on the Council side please contact us to report by calling 0800 920 029
  3. If the leak is on your customer side of the water meter then contact a registered plumber
  4. Once the leak is repaired complete an Excess Water application(PDF, 169KB)
  5. Return the application with an invoice or report from the registered plumber.

Water meter diagram.jpg