There is a range of services and facilities for burials and memorials in the Far North. Public cemeteries are managed either by the Far North District Council or by a community committee. There are also graveyards adjacent to churches, iwi urupa and private burial grounds within the district. Customers should contact the church or iwi direct if the graveyard is not listed on this website.

Genealogy or whakapapa searches

Genealogy/whakapapa researchers can search our online cemetery database to find cemetery records by family name.

Our cemetery data has been collected from various sources over more than 100 years. We apologise for any errors or omissions in this record.

Search our cemeteries database

Council cemeteries

We manage and maintain the following cemeteries:

Community cemeteries

The Far North has several community-run cemeteries.

  • Broadwood
  • Fairburn
  • Herekino
  • Houhora
  • Mangonui
  • Mangungu
  • Onekura / Pungaere
  • Orira (Umawera)
  • Oruaiti
  • Peria
  • Towai
  • Takahue
  • Waiharara
  • Waipapakauri
  • Waiotemarama

Burials and interments

If you need to arrange a burial, please contact Council by calling 0800 920 029

We encourage use of a funeral director to arrange burials. The funeral director will include all council fees as part of the service. To arrange a burial yourself, please apply to Council for a burial warrant with the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death from the attending Doctor. All costs must be paid prior to the burial taking place.

For costs associated with burials, please refer to our fees and charges. 

Burial hours

  • Monday-Friday 8am-5pm
  • Saturday 8am-1pm

 There are no burials on Sunday, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Good Friday (Easter).


All graves are dug by the Council. Contact us on 0800 920 029 if you want to be present when the grave is being dug or if you want to backfill the grave.

Burials in the Services Cemeteries 

We manage a number of Services Cemeteries on behalf of Veterans' Affairs New Zealand. Service personal are eligible to a grave/ash berm if they meet criteria set by Veterans' Affairs. A spouse may also be buried with the service person.

Contact Veterans Affairs for more information .

Ash interments

Ash interments are arranged by applying to Council for a burial warrant and interment.  Ashes can be interred in an ash berm or a burial plot. 


A Disinterment Licence must be obtained. Please contact Northland District Health Board (09 430 4100).

Burial plot or ash berm reservation

You can purchase the right of burial in a particular plot. This does not provide ownership of the land. All burial plots accommodate two caskets. All ash berms are designed to accommodate four sets of ashes.

Costs include:

  • Plot/berm Purchase
  • Ground maintenance (one off fee)

With consent from Council you can:

  • Give consent for the burial of another person in the plot
  • transfer rights to another person/family member
  • apply to return the plot to Council. The cost paid for the plot will be refunded.

For costs associated with burial, please refer to our fees and charges. If the plot remains unused for 60 years, ownership will revert back to Council. 

Headstones and plaques

A permit is necessary for the installation of a headstone. One headstone is permitted on each plot. Memorial plaques can be attached to the headstone for ash burial in that grave. Maintenance of the headstone is the responsibility of the family representative.

  • Application for erecting a monument
  • Headstone dimension drawing


There is one crematorium in the Far North at Kerikeri Public Cemetery on Wiroa Road. Contact Scotts Funeral Services for more information: (09) 407 6367.