Infringement notices

Infringements are set either by government legislation or council bylaws. For more information please visit: Infringements set by council bylaws can only be changed when the bylaw is reviewed. To find out more about bylaw infringements, go to our Bylaws page.

Payment of fines

You will need your notice number to pay an infringement. You can find the notice number printed at the top of the notice.

Infringement fees are set out in Council’s fees and charges. These charges are non-refundable.

You have 28 days to pay your infringement notice. After this time, we will send you a reminder. This will give you another 28 days. Fines that remain unpaid after this time will be passed to the Ministry of Justice for collection by the court. Once this has occurred, payment must be made to the Ministry of Justice.

If you have any queries or issues with paying your infringement, please contact us.


Do it online

Step 1.Infringement details

Before you begin, you will need your infringement notice. 

Please refer to our terms and conditions before making your payment.

Step 2.Payment options

Be ready with your Visa or Mastercard to make payment using our secure payment gateway.

Step 3.Infringement type

Select the type of infringement from the list below to pay:

Please allow up to five working days for a parking infringement to be entered into our system.

By phone

Step 1.Contact us

Call 0800 920 029 to speak to our friendly contact centre staff.

Please refer to our terms and conditions before proceeding with payment.

Step 2.Infringement details

Make sure you have your infringement notice ready. 

Step 3.Payment

You can pay the infringement using Visa or Mastercard.

In person

Step 1.Visit us

You can pay your infringement at any of our Service Centres.

Step 2.Infringement details

Make sure you bring your infringement notice with you.

Step 3.Payment options

You can pay the infringement using credit card, debit card, EFTPOS or cash.


Internet banking

Step 1.Visit your online banking

You can pay your infringement using internet banking.

Step 2.Infringement details

Make sure you have your infringement notice ready. You will need the notice number and identifying reference number.

The identifying reference number will be an application or licence number, a car registration number, an animal number, or an address depending on the infringement type you have received.

Step 3.Payment options

Pay Council from your bank account using these account details:

Account name: Far North District Council
Bank: ASB Bank, Corporate Branch, Auckland
Account number: 12-3244-0022509-00

Please use the following references:

  • Reference: Infringement notice number
  • Code: Your name
  • Particulars: “identifying reference number”