Apply for a RAPID number

What is RAPID numbering?

RAPID stands for Rural Address Property IDentification. It gives every rural residential property a road number, just like urban streets have. It can be hard to explain exactly where you live on long rural roads. RAPID is useful for emergency services such as police, fire, ambulance and civil defence. It is helpful for service providers such as NZ Post, Telecom, couriers and power authorities. Most of the rural areas in NZ are now RAPID numbered and the system has been very successful in assisting in fast location of rural properties. 

Applying for a RAPID

Please follow the instructions below to order a RAPID number.

To supply a RAPID number we need accurate information so we identify the exact property and entrance.

Apply online

You can apply for a new number and plate(s) or replacement plates for an existing number. The payment transaction is completed when you lodge this application.

Step 1.New RAPID number and plate(s)

Have a PDF copy of a map ready - this will be used for measuring and allocation of the RAPID number.

Please ensure that the entrance way to the property is clearly marked on the map. A site plan of the property from the Building Consent is sufficient. 

Click here for a new RAPID number and one or more plates.

Step 2.Replacement RAPID plate(s)

Click here for one or more replacement plates.