Kerbside rubbish and recycling collections

Kerbside services in the Far North are not provided by council

Kerbside rubbish and recycling services in the Far North are provided independently by private waste management companies. These are not funded or contracted by the council. These commercial operators decide what services are provided, where, how much is charged and what items are accepted for recycling. You can purchase pre-paid rubbish bags, recycling bags or recycling bin tags from supermarkets and most local dairies and superettes. 


Which bag is right for you?

For information on the areas served, collection days, and what types of rubbish and recycling are collected, please contact these companies directly. They can also tell you where to purchase pre-paid rubbish bags and provide details about additional services, such as skip bins, and wheelie and recycle bins.

Northland Waste

Northland waste.PNG

0800 499 246

Waste Management

waste managment.PNG

0800 492 783

Questions and answers

Who do I contact about kerbside collection in my area?

  • Northern part of the district - Northland Waste offers kerbside rubbish and recycling services here.
  • Southern part of the district - both Northland Waste and Waste Management offer kerbside rubbish services (in some areas).
  • Recycling in the southern part of the district - only Waste Management offers kerbside recycling here.

Northland Waste

0800 499 246

Waste Management

0800 492 783

What services are provided by collection companies?

The companies decide what level of service is provided, what areas are serviced, how much is charged and what is collected for recycling. 

Who will collect my recycling?

Where services for northern and southern areas overlap, residents will need to contact Northland Waste and Waste Management directly to clarify which recycling services they can use.

Northland Waste

0800 499 246

Waste Management

0800 492 783

What colour prepaid bags do I buy?

Waste collectors have different coloured bags, stickers or recycling tags. You can buy these from your local supermarket, petrol station or dairy. Contact either Northland Waste or Waste Management for more details.

What time should I put by rubbish out for collection?

Rubbish should go out after 12 noon the day before your collection is due or before 7am on collection day.

How much can I put in a prepaid bag?

The maximum weight of prepaid bags is 10kg.

Rubbish bags should not contain more than:

  • 20% recyclables (plastic, cardboard, etc)
  • 20% food waste
  • and no green waste (unless they are listed pest plants).

Why does it cost to collect kerbside rubbish and recycling?

Collections are user-pays. The collection and disposal fee is included in the price of the prepaid rubbish bag, stickers and tags for recycling bins.

Can I leave a prepaid bag anywhere?

Prepaid rubbish bags can only be left outside your own property or at an approved collection point. These are often located at an intersection and are clearly signposted.  

I live rurally and the service doesn't run past my house - what can I do?

Some rural residents need to leave prepaid bags at approved collection points(PDF, 125KB) because the waste collectors don’t collect from their road.  These are often located at an intersection and are clearly signposted.  

Last updated 13 June 2023