Bay of Islands vehicle ferry


The ferry service operates as a shuttle, departing approximately every 10 minutes during the day, and every 20 minutes early morning and late evening. Opua is about 7 minutes’ drive from Paihia and Okiato is about 10 minutes’ drive from Russell.


Opua - Okiato

Okiato - Opua

First ferry
First ferry
Last ferry
Last ferry
Departures every 10 minutes (approximately) between these hours
Departures every 10 minutes (approximately) between these hours


You can buy vehicle ferry tickets on board or at the Opua Store. EFTPOS, VISA, MasterCard and American Express are available on board. There is no additional charge for passengers travelling in the vehicle. Prices shown are for one-way travel. 

Step 1.Foot passengers

Adult - $1.00
Child (5-14 years) $0.50 / Child (0-4 years) FREE

Step 2.Car / ute

less than 6 metres - $13.50

Step 3.Trailers

Less than 6 metres $13.50
6 - 8 metres $21.00
8 - 10 metres $31.50
10+ metres $60.00

Step 4.Vehicles (Over 6 meters)

6 - 8 metres $21.00
8 - 10 metres $31.50
10+ metres $60.00

If you are driving a large vehicle such as a bus or truck and trailer unit, we recommend travelling 2 hours either side of low tide.
If you are unsure please contact Northland Ferries for assistance.

Step 5.Campervans & motorhomes

2 Berth campervan $13.50
2 Berth toilet and shower campervan $21.00
4 Berth motorhome $21.00
6 Berth motorhome $21.00
Car with caravan - from $27.00
Estimated cost only, based on average length per berth campervan


Step 1.Okiato Ferry Terminal

Step 2.Opua Ferry Terminal