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Tōtara North Community Recycling Centre

Disposal fees

It is free to recycle the following at Council refuse transfer stations and community recycling centres.

  • Aluminium/tin cans.

Please rinse cans. No foil food containers.

  • Plastics numbered 1.

Clear and coloured bottles, clean clear meat trays. Please note, these must have the number 1 recycling symbol.

  • Plastics numbered 2.

Milk and cream bottles (including Anchor products), opaque, non-coloured cleaning product containers and coloured plastics, such as cleaning product and cosmetic containers. Please note these must have the number 2 recycling symbol.

  • Plastics numbered 5.

Examples include some grocery packaging.

Note: The number identifying the plastic is normally found on the bottom of the bottle or container. All other plastics not listed above should be included in household rubbish.
  • Cardboard and paper.

Please flatten cardboard, no Tetra Pak food or drink containers, and no plastic-coated or wax-coated cardboard.

  • Glass bottles and jars.

Please separate colours: brown, green and clear.

Note: Window, frosted, crystal or reinforced glass cannot be accepted.
  • Waste oil. 
  • Whiteware and scrap metal.
Note: Whiteware and scrap metal are accepted at Site class 1 and 2 refuse transfer stations and landfill facilities only.
  • Wet cell and dry cell batteries.

  • Recycling


Tōtara North Road, Tōtara North  0479  View Map


Community recycling centre


Sunday 09:00 AM–04:30 PM

Monday 09:00 AM–04:30 PM

Tuesday 09:00 AM–04:30 PM

Wednesday 09:00 AM–04:30 PM

Thursday 09:00 AM–04:30 PM

Friday 09:00 AM–04:30 PM

Saturday 09:00 AM–04:30 PM

All sites closed Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday. Anzac day all sites closed until 1pm.

Tōtara North Community Recycling Centre