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District Licensing Committee

The District Licensing Committee (DLC) decides if contested (opposed) or uncontested (unopposed) applications will be granted or denied.  These applications include:

  • New or renewed alcohol licenses
  • Manager’s certificates
  • Temporary authorities
  • Special licenses

Applications that are contested will be considered at a public hearing.  This includes public objection or reporting agency opposition.  Reporting agencies are; the Inspectorate, Police, Medical Officer of Health and Fire & Emergency NZ.

If no objection is lodged raising any matter in opposition to the application, the District Licensing Committee Chairperson will consider the application on the papers and make the decision.

Monthly unopposed decisions

A monthly summary of all unopposed applications considered for the last month is listed below:

If an objection from the public has been received the District Licensing Committee will proceed to a public hearing in order to determine the application.  If opposition from a reporting agency or Inspector has been received, the District Licensing Committee may decide to proceed to a public hearing to make their decision or decide on the papers.

In the below tabs, you’ll find the District Licensing Committee decisions released following public hearings.




Hearing Date


Opononi Hotel Limited

 Opononi Hotel Renewal ON Licence 20 October 2023 View
 Crafty Local Limited The Crafty Local New ON Licence 19 October 2023


Shri Hari Enterprise NZ Limited

 Taipa Foodmarket    Renewal OFF Licence    18 October 2023 View
 Ramswaroop Mahajan Anthwal -

New Manager’s Certificate

 1 September 2023


 Dischai Niruemitsuwimon - Renewal Managers Certificate  

1 September 2023


Miss Rahera Kataraina Rangihuia George


Renewal Managers Certificate

1 September 2023


Georgina Peri


New Manager’s Certificate

19 June 2023


Jacquleen Scooty Shelford

 - Renewal Managers Certificate 29 May 2023 View

Iose Mika Filimalo

 - New Manager’s Certificate 29 May 2023 View

Castle Management Paihia Limited

 Pipi Patch New ON Licence 17 & 18 May 2023 View

Sandpit Poolroom And Bar Limited

 The Hideout New ON Licence 24 February 2023 View

Sovrano Winery Limited

 Sovrano Winery New ON Licence 23 February 2023 View

Sovrano Winery Limited

 Sovrano Winery Renewal OFF Licence 23 February 2023    View




Hearing Date


R Anthwal-New Manager’s Certificate10 June 2024View
R Dixon-Komene-New Manager’s Certificate25 April 2024View
Jatt Holdings LimitedThe Shed Liquor ShopRenewal OFF Licence12 February 2024View
S Singh-New Manager’s Certificate12 February 2024


A Anthwal New Manager’s Certificate12 February 2024


Annual reports to the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority, as required by Section 199 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012

Annual ARLA Report 2022/2023

Annual ARLA Report 2021/2022


District Licensing Committee A

Commissioner: Murray Clearwater

District Licensing Committee B

Chairperson:  Councillor Ann Court

DLC Secretary:  Katie Waiti-Dennis


Two additional members appointed from the territorial authority list maintained under section 192 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012; list members:

  • Martin Macpherson, Lisa McNab and John Thorne


  • Chairperson plus two members (for a Hearing).
  • Chairperson (where no objection to an application has been filed and no matters of opposition raised in respect for an application for a licence or manager's certificate or renewal of a licence or manager's licence).


To consider and determine all relevant applications under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.


  • Consider and determine applications for licences and manager’s certificates.
  • Consider and determine applications for renewal of licences and manager’s certificate.
  • Consider and determine applications for temporary authority to carry on the sale and supply of alcohol in accordance with section 136.
  • Consider and determine applications for the variation, suspension, or cancellation of special licences.
  • Consider and determine applications for the variation of licences (other than special licences) unless the application is brought under section 280.
  • With the leave of the chairperson for the licensing authority, to refer applications to the licensing authority.
  • Conduct inquiries and to make reports as may be required of it by the Alcohol Regulatory Licensing Authority under section 175.
  • Any other functions conferred on Licensing Committees by or under this Act or any other enactment.

How the District Licensing Committee makes its decisions

Our practice notes will help you understand the District Licensing Committee's approach on the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.

The notes  cover various topics that may apply to your application for a licence or manager's certificate.

DLC Practice Note 1 – DLC Composition and Hearing Procedure

DLC Practice Note 2 – Confidentiality of Objectors

DLC Practice Note 3 – Temporary Authority

DLC Practice Note 4 – Single Alcohol Areas

DLC Practice Note 5 – Social Host Responsibility Policies

DLC Practice Note 6 - Status of Objectors Final - (Revoked)

DLC Practice Note 7 – Managers Certificate Experience

DLC Practice Note 8 – Filing of Applications

DLC Practice Note 9 – Sale of Single Serves

DLC Practice Note 10 – Agency Reports

Last updated: 18 Jun 2024 5:35am