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Connecting to the public stormwater system

If you are planning to connect a stormwater pipe from your property into the public system, please fill out a stormwater application form and email it to ask.us@fndc.govt.nz or post it to Private Bag 752, Kaikohe 0440.  Applications for stormwater connections and discharges require specific approval from the Stormwater Engineer in regard to all design aspects and construction. Applicants must state the expected changes in stormwater discharge rates, the effect on surrounding properties and effects on Council assets and networks.

What type of works does this include?

  • New stormwater connections
  • New subdivisions
  • New buildings of any type
  • New or upgraded entrances
  • New or upgraded private ways or right of ways
  • New roads or changes to an existing road
  • Changes to the area of permeable and impermeable surfaces
  • Changes to primary and secondary flow patterns.

Last updated: 02 Apr 2024 4:34pm