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Disability Action Group

The Disability Action Group works with the Far North District Council to advocate for a more accessible environment for Far North residents and visitors with disabilities. The group meets in different locations across the district and aims to assist the Far North District Council to meet the objectives of the

The Disability Action Group advocates for initiatives to improve accessibility. For example, disability awareness training for Council staff; the construction of pool stairs at the Kawakawa pool; and the purchase of an accessible portaloo for use at Far North community events.

The Disability Action Group is seeking new membership from community members with disabilities, senior citizens, and those who work in disability or age support.

Far North residents interested in joining the Disability Action Group are invited to send an email to disabilityactiongroup@fndc.govt.nz or contact Kim Hammond on 09 401 5316.

Last updated: 22 Apr 2024 7:07pm