Volunteering and Community Groups

Volunteering in your community

The Far North is supported by many volunteers who donate time, skills and services to support our communities. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, there are a number of ways to get involved. Contact Volunteering Northland or any of the community volunteer groups listed below to get involved, or if your request is more specific, fill out the form below to get in touch with us directly.

Volunteering Northland

Volunteering Northland is a non-profit organisation that supports volunteers through facilitating and celebrating volunteering across the region. Their website showcases an online database of volunteer opportunities. Volunteering Northland can also help organisations to engage volunteers.

Volunteer & Community Groups
Have you considered...

Is it on council land?

If the proposed work is on private land, council cannot approve or authorise work going forward.


Have you spoken to anyone else about this request

There might be iwi, hapū or other community groups who could benefit from your piece of work or should be engaged prior to commencing. Council can support you with this if necessary.

Who owns the asset?

If you are wanting to install an asset or make improvements to an asset, we need to know who owns it currently or who will own it following completion. Ownership will impact any decisions made and be a key topic of discussion regarding ongoing maintenance. Examples of assets are playgrounds, walking tracks, gardens, lighting or public toilets.

Are you looking to build a structure?

Council has clear guidelines around structure erection and this request would need to be implemented as part of an annual plan and long term plan. Additionally, any construction work would be required to meet our health and safety requirements.

Are any permits or consents required?

Are you aware of a requirement for any approvals, permits or consents to move forward? These may not all be from council but other third parties such as Northland Regional Council, DOC or Heritage New Zealand.

How are you looking to fund it?

Do you have a plan in place to fund it both in the short term and long term? If you or your group intend to continue to volunteer to manage the maintenance, you may want to consider a succession plan for your group to ensure the longevity of the work you want to undertake.


Contact us about volunteering in your community