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Hokianga isite

The Hokianga isite will be open from 2.30pm to 5pm on Thursday 30 May due to a planned water outage.

At the isite in Ōpononi we have all the inside knowledge on the Hokianga area.

We're your one-stop-shop for accommodation, sightseeing, adventure and travel in the Far North and New Zealand.

Which cultural experience delivers the best bang for your buck?  Is the revamped thermal pool open yet?  And where exactly does that guy anchor up to sell fish hooked fresh out of the harbour?  We'll give you all the straight-up local advice you can't find online.

From famous attractions to local down-to-earth gems, we're keeping it real - and we'll book it all for you.

We are agents for:

  • Interislander
  • Bluebridge
  • Intercity
  • Great Train Journeys of New Zealand


29 Hokianga Harbour Drive, Ōpononi 0473. View Map

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  • Fully Staffed Facility
  • WiFi
  • Parking



Sunday 08:30 AM–05:00PM

Monday 08:30 AM–05:00PM

Tuesday 08:30 AM–05:00PM

Wednesday 08:30 AM–05:00PM

Thursday 08:30 AM–05:00PM

Friday 08:30 AM–05:00PM

Saturday  08:30 AM–05:00PM

Closed Christmas Day.

Got a minute?

Have you visited the Hokianga isite? If you have, we would like to hear what the experience was like. Click here to fill out a short questionnaire on your visit.