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All you need to know about your rates including:

  • rates information for any property using our rates database
  • paying your rates and when they're due
  • applying for refunds, a reduction in penalties, or a postponement.
  • How to pay your rates

    Use our step by step guide to all the options for paying your property and water rates.
  • Managing debt

    Find out how we can support you to keep on top of your payments.
  • Property rates

    Find out when your rates are next due, what your rates pay for and answers to common rates questions.
  • Rates forms

    Find rates forms here - change of address, authority to act on behalf, set up a direct debit, apply for refunds, penalty reductions and more.
  • Rates rebate

    Use this page to find out if you are eligible for a partial rates refund or rebate and how to apply.
  • Rating area maps

    Maps showing targeted and other special rating areas in the Far North.
  • Rating information database

    This database provides public access to rating information, as required by the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002.
  • Remission of penalties

    If you are having difficulties paying your rates, find out here if you're eligible to have penalties set aside.
  • Transfer of payments

    You can transfer credit balances between your rates and water accounts, if you meet the criteria. Follow our guide here to apply.
  • Water rates

    Find out how your water rates are calculated and when your next bill is due.

Last updated: 17 Jul 2024 10:51am