Rating Information Database

About the database

You can use this database to find rating information on any property in the district. You can also use this rating information database to look for the following:

  • Property details – valuation number, property address, land area.
  • Valuation details – capital value, improvement value, land value.
  • Rates details – rates by year, rates levied by Northland Regional Council, general and targeted rates levied by Far North District Council.
Looking for the balance or an amount owing on your rates account?

Please note you can't use this database to find out information about your rates account, however, you can find out how much you owe by lodging a general request. You don't need to be a registered user of online services to do this.

To register with online services click here. If you are a registered member then you can view you rating information via your account or access via this link. 

Before you start!

What you need to know about this Rating database:

  • It provides a breakdown of rates and the total due for the property selected for the next two years.  The 2023 year is 1 July 2022 - 30 June 2023 and the 2024 year is 1 July 2023 - 30 June 2024
  • FNDC and NRC rates for 2022-2023 are the actual rates. 2023-2024 draft/proposed rates are now displayed.  However, these are subject to change after Council deliberations in June.
  • The figures incorporate the latest property valuations as at the 1st October 2022
  • Variations in rates from one year to the next are due to changes in land values calculated independently every three years and annual adjustments made by Far North District Council
  • Each breakdown of rates includes those levied by Northland Regional Council and collected by Far North District Council

How to use the database

Search for rating information by entering an valuation number or a street address in the corresponding boxes below, check that you are not a robot and click submit. Please take note of the year you are searching.  

The Rating Information Database

Last updated 25 May 2023