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About the water supply

The Waingaro Reservoir normally supplies 65 per cent of water to Kerikeri. This reservoir is owned and operated by the Kerikeri Irrigation Company. Some Kerikeri residents and businesses are connected directly to Kerikeri Irrigation Company supplies, which are provided for irrigation and stock use only. Council water restrictions do not apply to Kerikeri Irrigation Company supplies. The remaining 35 per cent of raw water comes from the Puketotara Stream.

Together the reservoir and Puketotara Stream provide Kerikeri-Waipapa with a stable water supply. However, water restrictions are applied when demand exceeds the capacity of the treatment plant to treat water. Restrictions may also be applied if supplies from Waingaro Reservoir are disrupted. This occurred during the 2019/20 drought when very dry ground caused several breakages in the supply line. When the line breaks, air enters the water and fine air bubbles reduce our ability to treat water. It can take days for bubbles to disappear. During this time, we rely solely on the Puketotara stream to supply Kerikeri and Waipapa.