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Hearing 2 - Special Purpose Zones

Hearing 2 for the Proposed District Plan will cover the Airport, Hospital and Quail Ridge special purpose zones topics.

Hearing Details

Date: Tuesday 18 June 2024
Venue: Scenic Hotel Bay of Islands, 58 Seaview Road, Paihia 0200
Hearing Panel: Bill Smith (Chairperson), Felicity Foy, and Kelly Stratford

Hearing Timetable

Hearing 2 Timetable

Notice of Hearing

Notice of Hearing

Section 42A Reports


S42A Report
Appendix  1.1 Recommended amendments
Appendix 1.2 Recommended amendments to definitions for the Interpretation chapter
Appendix 2 S42A Report table


S42A Report
Appendix 1.1 Recommended amendments 
Appendix 1.2 Recommended amendments to definitions of the Interpretation chapter 
Appendix 2 S42A Report table 

Quail Ridge

S42A Report
Appendix 1 Recommended amendments 
Appendix S42A Report table

Submitter Evidence (Pre-circulated)

Hearing 2 Submitter evidence Te Whatu Ora S42 - M McGrath Planning evidence

Last updated: 10 Jun 2024 2:50pm