Rangiputa Wastewater Treatment Plant


Plant overview

The Rangiputa wastewater treatment plant is located close to the Rangiputa township on the Karikari peninsula. Being a beach side community, the population of Rangiputa varies considerably. Populations are higher during the summer, peaking over the Christmas period. The plant currently serves a winter population of approximately 100 and a summer population of up to 400. 

Treating the wastewater

The treatment plant consists of a three large oxidation ponds where natural biological processes encourage the decline of nitrogen and bacterial content in the wastewater as it flows from the first to the last pond.   The treated wastewater is discharged into the ground via deep bores.  The system is designed to discharge approximately 58 cubic metres of wastewater each day. 


The discharges from the treatment plant are authorised by a resource consent. You can read a copy of the resource consent here



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