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What is a Designation? 

A designation is land set aside for future public works or projects like roads, telecommunications and electricity networks, or schools. Requiring authorities make applications for designations by lodging Notices of Requirement to council for inclusion in the District Plan.

Designations in the Proposed Far North District Plan

As part of the review of the Far North District Plan, all requiring authorities with designations in the Operative District Plan have been invited to give written notice of whether they require the current designations to be included, with or without modification, in the Proposed District Plan.

Written notices received from requiring authorities who wish to rollover their current designations, with or without modification, are provided below:

Notices of Requirement are required for new designations. Council received two notices of requirement for new designations from Minister for the Environment for inclusion in the Far North District Plan. The notice of requirement for each new designation is provided below:

Last updated: 15 Apr 2024 6:06pm