Live panel to answer your local election questions

Published on 07 July 2022


A diverse panel of experts is lining up to answer your questions about the local election from Council Chambers on Wednesday 20 July at 5pm, an event that will be live streamed on Far North District Council’s YouTube channel.

The live event is an opportunity for Far North residents to get answers to questions like: what’s different about elections this year; what do local council do; what do regional council do; or simply to find out what being a councillor is really like. Questions can be submitted in advance using the Live_Questions_Form, by messaging us in the Facebook event (Live local election Q&A Panel | Facebook), or via YouTube comments during the live event.

But don’t expect this to look like a usual Council meeting in Chambers – desks will be replaced by couches, and casual, informative conversations will be the format to not only discuss what’s new this election cycle, but a chance to have your questions answered.

Tautoko FM announcer Sophia Thomas will lead the discussion, with panelists who have a depth of experience working in and with local government. This includes representatives from local iwi (Mariameno Kapa-Kingi), Northland Inc (Jude Thompson), election services (Craig Taylor and Caroline Wilson) and the Youth Council (Nicholas Powell). For more information about the panel, visit our website.

The live Q&A session is a chance to reach a wider audience so people have the opportunity to be informed about why it’s important to enrol, stand and vote in the local elections in October.

A recording of this live event will also be made available on Far North District Council - YouTube channel after 20 July 2022.


Useful links:

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