Wharf project to interrupt Pukenui fuel supplies

Published on 29 April 2021

Pukenui Wharf fuel signage April 2021.jpg

Pukenui residents and businesses will temporarily be without local fuel supplies when work begins to replace the community’s 50-year-old wharf next week.

Currently, both petrol and diesel can be purchased from self-service pumps at GAS Pukenui wharf. The land-based petrol and diesel bowser is located at the wharf carpark, while the marine bowser supplies diesel only from a pump on the wharf itself. However, electricity to both pumps is due to be cut from 3 May when demolition work on the wharf begins.

Electricity will be reconnected within two weeks to the land pump on 17 May, but diesel supplies from the wharf pump will not be available again until construction of the new truck-rated wharf is completed in October.

General Manager – Infrastructure and Asset Management Andy Finch says he understands that the loss of fuel supplies at Pukenui will be inconvenient for residents and businesses. “Unfortunately, electricity must be cut to the site and this will mean traveling to Kaitaia or further north to Waitiki Landing to fuel up. The interruption to the land pump will be relatively brief, but diesel from the marine pump cannot be reinstated until the new wharf is completed.”

He says signs have been posted at the wharf warning customers about the interruption to supplies. Council i-SITE staff will also be warning travellers of the need to fuel up before Pukenui.

The $2.5 million Pukenui Wharf project is being jointly funded by the Government’s Provincial Growth Fund ($1 million) and the Far North District Council ($1.5 million). Work includes installation of a new concrete pontoon and gangway, timber service dock, and the ability to load and unload trucks on the wharf. Repairs will also be made to a seawall.

The Council is also due to replace the 50-year-old timber Unahi wharf at Awanui. That project will include demolishing the existing wharf, installing a new concrete pontoon and gangway, additional berthing piles and repairs to the seawall. It will be funded through a $1 million grant from the Provincial Growth Fund with a $600,000 contribution from the Council. The new Unahi Wharf is due for completion at the end of November 2021.

The work is being managed by the Council’s commercial company, Far North Holdings Ltd, and the head contractor for both projects is Opua-based Total Marine Services Ltd.