Operative maps

This section links to maps that cover the entire district at a 1:50,000 scale, and specific communities at a 1:10,0000 scale. At the 1:50,0000 scale there are two maps per area - a zone map and a resource map. The numbers in the index map below relate to the zone and resource map numbers. The smaller pink boxed numbers indicate the 1:10,000 maps.

There are separate coastal hazard and heritage precinct maps for certain areas. There are also maps showing indicative flood susceptible areas at 1:200,000.

An interactive version of the District Plan maps may be viewed in Far North Maps 

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The data from which these maps have been derived has been surveyed and recorded at a scale of 1:50,000. The maps should not be enlarged or used at a more detailed scale.

These maps are indicative only and show areas that are considered to be susceptible to flooding. Please check the Far North District Hazard Register or contact the Northland Regional Council for more accurate information.

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